About us

 \Azerbaijan land generously gifted by natural resources! Among them a special place is the north-eastern region, unique in its location and the microclimate is the Hamya valley. The climate is mild, maritime.
Night cool, inspired from the nearest Caucasian mountains, bright, long eastern sunny days and Khazri wind from the Caspian Sea, gives a special richness and exceptional taste of grapes nurtured in the vineyards of the Hamya valley.
 Hamya Valley is the birthplace of "CASPİAN COAST WINERY&VINEYARDS” company, which gained experience and created its own history, harmoniously blended in the history of viticulture and winemaking in Azerbaijan for many years.
 Thanks to the efforts, initiative and caring of national leader Heydar Aliyev, the development of winemaking in the region was bore fruits, has increased the scope of the industry. Signed by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on February 11, 2004 the "State program of social-economic development of Azerbaijan in 2004-2008" has inspired the winemakers to new developments.
This allowed restoring and re-branding the "PRIMORSK" winery - called "CASPİAN COAST WINERY&VINEYARDS" now. In early 2009, a massive reconstruction of production facilities began. All the old equipment was replaced with the new ones, from leading European manufacturers. There is a complete reconstruction of old plants and construction of new modern facilities capable of processing up to 7 tons of grapes per year.